timeless aesthetics
“Noren” (暖簾) (based on “B03” prototype) acrylic on dyed cotton, various sizes, 2019 (from private collections)



“Waiting for the perfect wave” acrylic on unprimed cotton canvas, 160×120 cm, 2022 (available)



“The power of repetition (22)” (detail) acrylic on unprimed cotton canvas, 160×120 cm, 2022 (available)



“Life is a Dream #5” mixed media on linen, oak frame, 140×90 cm, 2017 (from a private collection)



“Claytablets” (detail) lacquer on wood panels, various sizes, 2018 (from a private collection)



“Claytablets” (detail) lacquer on wood panels, various sizes, 2018 (from a private collection)



“B03.0092” various inks on linen, 172×200 cm, 2019 (from a private collection)



“The power of repetition” pigment print, walnut frame, 65×65 cm, 2022 (from a private collection)



The works of pacceka studio are, in a sense, examples of timeless and traditional craftsmanship where art and design merge into one. Unique patterns of interlocking letter shapes turned into masterpieces of stylization, presented without explanation, staying silent and undefined. A form of visual poetry looking to surprise and be spiritually  .



Although trained at the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht and The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague the founder of Pacceka studio is best described as self-taught, experimental and a late bloomer. Embracing multiple mediums over the years he relatively recently switched back to drawing and painting and became convinced that beauty can transform us and change how we feel and behave in both our personal lives as in our living spaces. Maintaining a rigorous commitment to innovation during the development of the pacceka-series he now considers them to have the right weight, balance and uniqueness to come forward.



Hedah, Maastricht – “Achter glas” | “South Bronx Pony Club” (1998)

M.A.M.A., Rotterdam – “Geen bloemen” curator: Boris van Berkum (1999)

De Kring, Amsterdam – Group presentation, “Home” (agency for image creatives – 2000)

Fanclub, Amsterdam – “Adidas / Adicolor ceremony” curator: Mo Veld (2000)

Hallo© Academy, Amsterdam – “Half Animal – All Woman” D.I.Y. (solo-2010)

Schunck*, Heerlen – “Newseum” curator: Stijn Huyts (2012)

Peer Gallery, Maastricht – “Weekend Warrior” (solo-2012)

Superplan, Berlin – “oversized and underpriced” curator: Oliver Baudach / Hatch (2013)

Q21/MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, / Mediamatic, Amsterdam –  “Faceless” curator: Bogomir Doringer (2014)

Wanda Reiff Gallery, Bemelen – “Last Rose of Summer” (2014)

Kiwanis Heerlen – curator: Lene ter Haar (2016 and 2018 editions)

Gegen, Berlin – “Shame”, curator: Francesco Macarone Palmieri (2017)

Schunck*, Heerlen – “Randland” (exhibition signage) curators: Alexander Basile and Mia Basile (2017)

Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht – “I am a painter” (The act of painting/T.A.O.P) (2018)

Galerie Lauwer, The Hague – “New FFForms | PACCEKA.studio” (solo-2019)

Oggetti, objects and art – Pop-up galerie, Maastricht “Cottons” (2022)

Lecturer at Maastricht Institute of Arts / Zuyd University (2015 – 2018)

Independent private viewing space and direct sales, since 2021


We welcome you to our studio situated in The Meuse-Rhine Region, roughly a one hour drive from either Bruxelles/Antwerp or Düsseldorf/Cologne. A selection of editions and unique works are available with the art on view changing regularly and new works presented over time. Our price range starts around € 500 for small works on paper up to € 5000 for large works and commissions. Contact studio manager Stephanie at +31 (0)6 38 31 35 79 to schedule an appointment and get driving directions. We hope to see you soon.


“Maui series” pigment prints on wood, (prototypes) ca.60×170 cm, 2022 (w.i.p. available summer 2023)

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